Grow food.
Build community.
Live in harmony with nature.

72hr+ Permaculture Design Course

26 weeks online + 4 day immersion
Starts 6th June 2024.

the world is going to shit

and it will only get better when you gain the knowledge and skills to


dynamic living systems

our innovative hybrid approach to a


gives you everything you know you need (plus more than you can possibly imagine)

Online Course

1 live lecture - 1 DIY activity - 1 live Q&A
Repeat for 26 weeks.

Learn all the theory from the comfort of your own home. Join the lectures live or catch up in your own time.

Practical Training

Put the theory into practice

at our legendary 4-day immersion.

Hosted at the Cedar Waters Regen Living Hub, Natural Bridge, Gold Coast Australia. (see FAQ for deets)


Gain an internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate

when you complete the online course, submit your final design and attend the practical training.


You are not doing this on your own.
We are doing it together as a cohort to share the experience both online and in real life.


Recieve ongoing support

and mentorship from the teaching team and wider Grounded Permaculture Action Party well after the course is finished.


Most PDC's are still stuck in the 80's
when we live in the digital age.
Learn to leverage digital tools to enhance your productivity and make your designs better than ever.

world class quality


skip the fluffy stuff - get straight to the crux


principles & philosophy

What is permaculture?
Ethics & Principles

Concepts & Attitudes
Patterns in Nature & Design

4 Weeks


earth sciences

Global Climate

Bioregional & Sector Analysis

Soil Systems

Water Systems

4 Weeks


earth management

Reading Landscapes

Read & Produce Maps

Collecting baseline data

Earthworks & Mainframe Design

4 Weeks


life management

Plants & Propagation

Plant Systems

Animal Systems

Management Strategies

4 Weeks


navigating humans

Alternative Economies

Invisible Structures

Social Permaculture
Cultivating Group Ecology

4 Weeks


living structures

Home & Lifestyle

Ecological Building Design

Appropriate Technology
Prepping for disasters

4 Weeks


ready for action

Clarify your priorities

Prepare your design

Present it for review
Get professional feedback

2 Weeks

meet your teaching team

with you every step of the way

Rupert Faust

Annaliese Hordern

Jay Jackson

Jaye Irving

Erin Young

Bunya Halasz

Jane Little

still not sure? maybe you need some


to seal the deal

"The facilitators who are holding this space and sharing the knowledge are just so inspiring and embodied with what they are teaching." - Amanda Greenwood

"This is just what I needed to find a positive way forward, because it's one thing to protest about whats going on, but it's another thing to take action about it." - Grant Tucker



What can I do with a Permaculture Design Certificate?

A Permaculture Design Certificate is an internationally recognised initiation into the world of permaculture. Most graduates integrate their learnings into their passion, profession or project to embody a more holistic approach to life. A few crazy graduates go on to start permaculture businesses or work at ours. Technically after doing a PDC, you can start offering permaculture design services - but like all things - it's important to work within your experience and competencies. There are many the excited young permies who go out into the world developing grand designs that might seem good on paper - but are simply poor designs in real life. But don't worry - grounded approach ensures we won't let that happen to you.

How does the online course work?

The 2024 cohort kicks off with the opening and orientation on the new moon of winter - 06 JUNE 2024. After that, each Monday will see one of the team deliver a lecture (60-90mins), you will be given an activity to DIY, and each Thursday there will be a dedicated live Q&A for the topic and activities covered that week. We will stay connected through our dedicated community group page. As soon as you join - you get instant access to both the community group and course. The community group already has an active discussion going - and the introdcution module of the course is up as well so you can start to get orientated at your leisure.

When and where are the immersions held?

The practical immersions are held at Cedar Waters, our Regenerative Living Hub, located at Natural Bridge in the Gold Coast Hinterlands, Australia.
For these immersions - you will BYO tent/van/camping set up. Healthy home grown catering is provided. The immersions are 4 full days (Fri-Mon) of fun practical hands on action - bees, natural building, bush regen, food forests, fermentation, survival skills.

2024 Dates pencilled are: 26-29 SEP, 17-20 OCT, 14-17 NOV, 12-15 DEC. TBC after the online course kicks off 6 JUN.
Max 26 people per immersion - extra immersions will be offered as enrolments increase.

Do I have to attend the immersion?

You don't have to attend the immersion - but there are no discounts or refunds if you do not. And if you want your official Permaculture Design Certificate you need to attend one immersion to clock up the contact hours.

Can I attend more than one immersion?

Yes of course! But let's do one first and then If you are that keen to get more involved we can look at options.

How tech heavy is this PDC?

This PDC is made for those who are comfortable with screens, online meetings, and figuring out new digital tech programs. By the end of the course you will have mastered (at a minimum) the following tech stacks - Our dedicated Members Portal, Zoom to attend calls, Google Earth Pro to produce professional maps and concept designs, and Quicktime (or equiv) to record yourself talking through your design.

What's your refund policy?

We can happily offer you a refund before the course starts minus a $100 admin fee. Once the course starts there are no refunds, no exceptions. If your not ready to do the work - then don't sign up for this course.