this free webinar will show you how easy it is to

work with nature

rather than against it

(and create a positive feedback loop of abundance)


[7pm 29nd April 2024]

When you design it well
nature takes what you’ve done

and makes it better.

Bill Mollison (co-originator of permaculture)

this masterclass will show you how to


Grow more food with less effort.

It's easy to grow more food that you know what to do with - in less time than you imagine. You just need a basic understanding of the fundamentals and a little bit of space to play (yes, even a balcony!)


Understand and work with living systems.

By paying close attention to life and the patterns around us - we can strategically assemble dynamic living systems and then tactically manage them to create a life of abundance.


Build community connections.

You don't have to do this on your own. When you go down the permaculture rabbit hole - you inevitably find and connect with others just like you (but still uniquely different). Welcome to the club.


Live in harmony with nature.

At the heart of it - permaculture helps you harmonise with nature and all living things... bringing more ease and grace into everything you do.

Philosophy or Framework?

There are so many ways to look at permaculture - as a design framework, as practical philosophy, as a way of life.

This Masterclass focusses on the high level overview so you get an accurate picture of the landscape and how you can leverage it for your unique situation, perspective, skills and passion.

Meet Your Host

who lives, breaths and practices permaculture everyday

Rupert Faust

As the founding member of Grounded Permaculture Action Party (Inc.) and label boss of Beanstalk Records, Rupert's enthusiasm for growing music and food is highly contagious.

His dedication to environmental, social and cultural change is second to none. Aside from all his music endeavours, Rupert holds a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering and spent a number of years conforming to the urban water and wastewater industry. Working for both the public and private sector on multi-million dollar projects he gained a breadth of experience in the management, planning, design, operation and construction of urban infrastructure.

A high-level holistic systems thinker, he quickly got bored developing patchwork solutions for a dysfunctional system within the current paradigm, and his interest in plants, growing food, living off-grid and taking responsibility for his own existence inevitably led him down the path of permaculture.

A self-confessed jack of all trades and master of his curiosity, he is as good with his hands as he is with his head and is a specialist in conceptual planning, systems thinking and making things happen.

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